Shaheen Afridi's X-ray shows no injury, two weeks rest given, PCB

Shaheen Afridi did not suffer a knee injury

Shaheen Afridi did not suffer a knee injury but the sudden fall caused knee pain


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has said that after X-ray, it has been found that fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi has no knee injury

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has said that after an X-ray, it was found that fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi did not have an injury to his knee but suffered due to a sudden fall, so he has been advised to rest for two weeks.

According to the press release issued by PCB, Shaheen Shah Afridi was x-rayed before the departure of the national team to Pakistan. In which it was confirmed that there is no sign of injury on his knee while the pain in the knee could be due to twisting while falling quickly in order to catch the ball.

According to the press release, the X-rays were examined by PCB Chief Medical Officer Dr Najeebullah Soomro and Australian knee specialist Dr Peter D'Alessandro.

The Cricket Board said that Shaheen is now feeling better and is energetic

It is further stated that Shaheen Shah Afridi will undergo a conditioning program to rehabilitate his knee at the National High Performance Center for a few days after his return to Pakistan.

According to the press release, Shaheen Shah Afridi's return to international cricket will be subject to the successful completion of the rehabilitation program and medical staff to proceed.

In the T20 World Cup final against England, Shaheen Shah returned to bowling after falling off that fast pace but could only bowl one ball.

Fast bowler Shaheen Shah joins the World Cup after a quick recovery from an injury suffered in July where doctors say another accident during the final means Shaheen Shah's career could be in jeopardy at the age of just 22.

Is Shaheen Afridi's career likely to be affected? What are the experts' opinions about this?

Meanwhile, experts fear that Shaheen Shah's career may be in jeopardy and have criticized the PCB's medical panel.

Former Chief Medical Officer of Pakistan Cricket Board Dr. Sohail Saleem told Dawn that "If Shaheen doesn't get any more injuries as a result of the injury, it will take three to four months for him to recover".

He said that Shaheen will be out of cricket for 6 to 7 months if the PCB medical board treats him through surgery.

According to former chief medical officer Dr Sohail Saleem, Shaheen Afridi may miss the two crucial home Test series against England and New Zealand, raising questions about the performance of the current PCB medical panel.

He said there should be an inquiry to determine whether the PCB's medical panel erred in its approach to treating Shaheen Shah's injury.

On the other hand, former Pakistan fast bowler Sarfaraz Nawaz is hopeful that Shaheen Shah will return to the field soon, however, he regretted the PCB's decision to include the fast bowler in the World Cup squad, saying that he Didn't get a chance to practice before the match.

Sarfaraz Nawaz told Dawn that you (PCB) directly included Shaheen Shah in the high-profile World Cup without playing a match since July.

He said that if he had played a game before the World Cup, his fitness could have been better assessed and he should not have been selected without proving it.