Saba Qamar hints at getting marriage by the end of this year

Saba Qamar hints at getting marriage by the end of this year

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar hinted at an early marriage during the show

Actress Saba Qamar has hinted at the soon to be released film 'Kamli', that she will be marriage by the end of this year

Saba Qamar recently appeared on Geo's show 'Hansna Manoon Hai' with 'Kamli' team, where she was accompanied by filmmaker Sarmad Khost and actor Umair Rana.

During the show, the actress spoke openly about the upcoming film 'Kamli' and said that the role of the said film is her unique and difficult role so far.

She also mentioned the incidents that took place during the shooting of 'Kamli' in the program and praised Sarmad Khost as well as Umair Rana.

During the program, a fan asked Saba Qamar that boys from all over Pakistan are waiting for her marriage, when will she get married?

At first the actress laughed at the fan's question and later during the show she picked up her mobile phone and pretended to talk on the phone with an unknown person and asked the fake person on the call when he would say yes.

At the same time, the actress, while talking to the fake person, said in surprise, "Will we get married by the end of this year?"

Talking about getting married by the end of the year under the pretext of phone call from the actress, it is being speculated that Saba Qamar will probably tie the knot by the end of 2022.

Earlier in the month of May, he had also spoken openly about marriage and love in Nida Yasir's morning show and hinted at meaningful sentences.

In response to Nida Yasir's question, Saba Qamar had said with a smile that she is learning to make potato chips for someone and soon the media and fans will know for whom she is learning this.

When asked about henna decoration on hands and marriage, he was embarrassed and mischievously said that soon the day that people have been waiting for will come.

Saba Qamar had said with a smile that she often thinks that she will get married quietly and tell her fans through Instagram post that she is married.

She said she would like to see her close friends and family at the wedding and would release videos of the celebrations in the media after announcing the wedding.

She was embarrassed and said that she thought she would arrange a party for friends and relatives after getting married quietly.