The New Snapchat Features Coming To Android and iOS 2022

New Snapchat Features Coming To Android and iOS 2022
A Complete Guide to Snapchat New Features and Updates for 2022


The Snapchat team added new features to messages that will allow you to express yourself in a more fun way when chatting on Snap.

Snapchat wants to start the year on the right foot and launched new functions for its messages. The added functions can be enjoyed by Android and iOS users.


To Start The New Year, We've added a number of new features to SnapChat messages that make chatting with your real friends more fun and expressive.

Chat Replies: The New Snapchat Feature

Being in a chat group it is easy to have more than one conversation at the same time, when having interaction with several people you can lose a comment or response to the conversation. In other messaging applications we can respond to individual messages in any conversation, in this way the thread of the conversation continues even if there are several topics at the same time.

Thinking about this Snapchat added Chat Replies. This new feature will allow you to continue with a topic of conversation by replying to a specific message. This can be done by simply pressing the message we want to reply to and choosing the "Reply" option.

Reactions with Bitmoji

Another feature that Snapchat added to its messages is being able to react with Bitmoji. Bitmoji was already a feature that you could use in Snap, you can even use your Bitmoji as a profile picture, but now you can use it to react to messages.

You can choose between 7 Bitmoji with which you can react: thumb up, thumb down, heart, flame and crying with laughter. This function can be performed again by pressing the message you want to react to and selecting the Bitmoji you want to send.

More About Snapchat's New Features: 

Now you can survey your Snapchat friends with the new function that you will find in the stickers folder. Your friends can answer your question with an emoji and you can see how everyone voted. This new feature is available for stories and snaps.

According to Engadget, Snapchat is also improving audio and video calls. Wearing Glasses on calls should be easier as well as seeing who is on a group call before entering.