Tom and Jerry fans surprised by cartoon cat and mouse's real name

tom and Jerry cartoon cat and mouse real name

Tom and Jerry's real names revealed 8 decades later


Tom And Jerry Fans Shocked To Learn Tom And Jerry's Real Names

Tom and Jerry are very popular cartoon characters whose fights from the 1940's have been entertaining people all over the world.

But these characters, more than 80 years old, are also hiding a secret and that is their real name.

Yes, Tom and Jerry are not real names but nicknames and their real names are something else.

According to a report, Tom's real name is Thomas Jasper Cat Sr. and Jerry's Gerald Jenkins is a mouse.

Their real names were revealed in a trailer for Multiversus, a fighter video game platform developed by Studio Wanner Brothers, which owns the cartoon characters.

The game features a number of popular characters, including Tom and Jerry, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Shaggy appearing in Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny and others.

But the revelation of the real names of Tom and Jerry came as a shock to fans.

One user tweeted that he did not know how many people would be angry to see the real names of Tom and Jerry in the game.

One user wrote that if Tom Cat is senior then where are his children?

People familiar with the history of the cartoon know that when Tom and Jerry first appeared in Puss Gets the Boot in 1940, their names were Jasper and Jinks.

It is possible that the characters in these cartoons were nicknamed "Thomas", "Tom" and "Gerald" instead of "Jerry" and then the real names were lost in obscurity.