WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram down Today in Pakistan other countries

It's not just you. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram  dwon today in Pakistan and different parts of the world. The three apps, which belong to the Facebook conglomerate, began to show signs of instability this Monday.

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram down Today in Pakistan
WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram down Today in Pakistan other country - Image: pexels.com

All three services belong to Facebook, which says it is investigating the reason for the failure.

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram show instability in the early afternoon of this Monday (4). Internet users around the world are reporting difficulty accessing services that belong to Facebook.

Social media users around the world are having problem accessing, at 8:44 pm Pakistani time, social media services began to be affected and people also have difficulty communicating with each other.

Did it fall there? WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram experience instability

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone wrote on Twitter on Monday evening that the group was aware of the problems. “We are working on getting things back to normal as soon as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience.” He did not give a reason for the disruption.

Many users have been reporting problems on the “All faults” portal since 8.44 p.m. Since then, for example, the failure reports for the WhatsApp messenger service have skyrocketed, and the website recorded around 150,000 reports from users until just before 9 p.m.

Users reported around 50,000 faults for Instagram, around 33,000 for Facebook, and around 1,000 for Facebook's messenger service.

With WhatsApp, the problem apparently affects the sending of messages. The news feed cannot be updated on Instagram. The websites of Instagram and Facebook cannot be reached at the moment; a server error is displayed on Instagram. WhatsApp and Instagram belong to Facebook.