Top 5 Anime Similar To Attack on Titan | Best Like Anime To Attack on Titan

The fourth season of attack on titan has been nothing short of groundbreaking pushing the story four years forward into a new era with new enemies and higher stakes the tyrannical Mali Empire burst onto the scene just in time for Eren Yeager to become a radical rogue seeking elder's restoration yesterday's enemies are today's friends and vice versa no doubt countless attack on titan fans are eager to get their hands on the rest of season four but until it arrives these five animated series should help keep those action-anime appetites whetted.

Top 5 Anime Similar To Attack on Titan
Top 5 Anime Similar To Attack on Titan | Best Like Anime To Attack on Titan

5:  Anime Similar To Attack on Titan > Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Attack on titan has a steampunk style setting especially within the Mali Empire and its world war one era military tech full metal alchemist brotherhood has a similar aesthetic fans who dive in can enjoy a gritty Pseudo-European setting where armed conflict shadowy schemes twisted science the dual nature of humanity define the complex but compelling plot just similar attack on titans.

Full metal alchemist brotherhood deftly balances fanciful magic alchemy with steampunk war machines in an early modern setting but rather than titans the series arc villain has a squad of seven homunculi artificially grown humanoids with deadly powers and far more brothers Edward and Alphonse elric on a quest to find the philosopher's stone and restore their badly damaged bodies but the scope of that quest soon expands greatly.

4: Anime Similar To Attack on Titan > The Saga of Tanya Evil

The saga of Tanya evil is another steampunk series edging on diesel punk that may remind attack on titan fans of the Mali Empire's war its many enemies survival is the top priority in this isekai and the anti-hero lead Tanya degurechaff is hardly a standard isekai hero with a harem of elf girls instead a salaryman has been thrust into an alternate war where world war one more better and savage than ever has continued into the 1920s.

The newly reborn Tanya join the German empire and rapidly climbs the rank of the mage force determined to escape her fate and spite the godly being x that put her there in tone and content alike.

The saga of Tanya the evil is bound to please attack on titan fans despite its short 12 episode run on screen. The story does continue in the light novel series.

3: Anime Similar To Attack on Titan > JuJutsu Kaisen

JuJutsu kaisen differs more from attack on titan than full metal alchemist or the saga of Tanya the evil all the same.

Fans may enter another shonen series that borders on dark sign and territory newcomers shouldn't be fooled by catchy Outro song JuJutsu kaisen is bloody and vicious as protagonist yuji itadori is quickly plunged into a messy world where cursed energy and monsters rule the day yuji is a gung-ho hero who is careful not to overuse the dark power of the evil sukuna residing inside him, but something he doesn't a choice he must indulge his dark side to win. Attack on titan fans might be vaguely reminded of Eren Yeager morphing himself into a titan the monster of battle.

2: Anime Similar To Attack on Titan > Vinland Saga

Vinland saga is a grim but vaguely optimistic tale of revenge grief and the purpose of war told on the bloody battlefields of medieval Europe it's the early 11th century and Viking armies have all but conquered England, while the rest of Europe cowers in terror before their battle axes, but Vinland saga also has a more personal edge.

The story follows Thorfinn Karlsefni a bright-eyed boy whose heart hardened upon his beloved father's death at the hands of askeladd a viking raider ironically Thorfinn is now under askeladd's wing learning much about combat techniques the philosophy of war and peace and whether all this fighting is really worth anything.

Thorfinn is challenged to second guess every assumption he's ever made about this grim world.

1: Anime Similar To Attack on Titan > Berserk

Berserk with revenge as its driving force the notorious berserk franchise may appeal greatly to fans of Vinland saga as well as attack on titan guts the mercenary thought he had it all when he fought with a band of the hawk under the charismatic griffith alas griffith's ambitions come at a price guts is unwilling to pay and guts lover Casker is caught right in the middle.

This 90's anime doesn’t cover the entire berserk Manga series but it's a good start and it arguably still beats the iffy animation of the 2016/17 series despite its age.

The dark story of eren yeager’s revenge and rage are clear parallels to gut's quest to save casca and bring the monstrous griffith justice and berserk has earned its reputation as a manga landmark.