Ben Affleck speaks highly of his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck speaks highly of his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez

That must be love after all: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez


Ben Affleck raves about Jennifer Lopez in public

There was sure to be a time when Ben Affleck was less able to talk to Jennifer Lopez. The one when the two separated in 2004. But in the meantime the actor and singer are celebrating a love comeback - and he can't get out of the raving.

In an interview, Ben Affleck explains what particularly fascinates him about his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez: the influence she has on the world. "An effect that I will never experience," said the Hollywood star.

Ben Affleck (49) spoke and raved about Jennifer Lopez (52) in an interview. He was impressed by the effect his girlfriend had on the world, said the actor, referring to her origins and professional career.

Respect and admiration - on both sides

He heard over and over again how women of color told Jennifer personally how she served them as role models in the business world. Affleck believes that JLo's role model function for women of color couldn't be greater: "This is an effect that few people have had in the course of history, one that I will never experience and one that I can only stand by with respect and admire.

Lopez had recently publicly admired her ex-boyfriend and current lover for his work. During a video on the red carpet in Italy, she drew attention to Affleck's new film on Instagram: "It's the first script that Matt and Ben have written with Nicole Holofcener since 'Good Will Hunting' !! And it's great!" Affleck and Matt Damon (50) won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for "Good Will Hunting" in 1998.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck - dubbed Bennifer by the press - were a couple in the early 2000s and even engaged. After they were both married to other people in the meantime - he to Jennifer Garner (49), she to Marc Anthony (53) - they have been reunited since spring 2021.