PM Imran Khan Launched Roshan Apna Ghar Program For Overseas Pakistani

PM Imran Khan Launched Roshan Apna Ghar Program

If Roshan Apna Ghar program is successful, the economy will be stable, PM Imran Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched Roshan Apna Ghar program

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the gap between imports and exports can be bridged with overseas Pakistanis. The Roshan Pakistan Program will provide benefits to eliminate the current account deficit.

Addressing the Roshan Apna Ghar program in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Overseas Pakistanis are the biggest asset of Pakistan. He said that he has been closely associated with Overseas Pakistanis. Even overseas Pakistanis did not take full advantage.

He said that when the government was formed, it tried to take advantage of overseas Pakistanis. There are high level Pakistani citizens in every field in the world. They could not create such an environment. Overseas Pakistanis should come and serve. Come back and work, we thought overseas should invest in Pakistani country.

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The Prime Minister said that the biggest obstacle in investment is corruption. Overseas Pakistanis are taking steps for investment. He said that occupation groups are sitting which is a big problem. There is a whole mafia of occupation groups in Pakistan, they are waging jihad against the occupation mafia and trying to end it.

The Prime Minister said that we thought that there would be investment, technical skills and talented Pakistanis had to be brought back to the country but unfortunately we could not provide the environment for them to come back and work here but we are trying to improve.

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PM Imran Khan said that the gap in import and export can be bridged with overseas Pakistanis, Roshan Apna Ghar Program will benefit to close the current account deficit, if his home program is successful, the growth of the economy will be stable, he said that overseas Pakistanis In order to attract attention, and one has to think of plans. Such steps have to be taken. Overseas Pakistani money has to be invested in the country.

Roshan Apna Ghar Program is a game changer project, Prime Minister

PM said that, I think this project is a game changer, which can bring a lot of money to Pakistan because Pakistan is in dire need of dollars.

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The Prime Minister said that we are now on the path of investing the huge assets of Pakistan which are abroad for investment, starting from houses and as our system recovers, it will also invest in other sectors will be able to work.

The Prime Minister said that if Roshan Apna Ghar Program of ours goes ahead, the current account deficit can be eliminated soon.