Facebook Messenger celebrates its 10th anniversary with new features


Facebook Messenger New Feature
Facebook Messenger Celebrates its 10th Birthday With Poll Games, Birthday Cash Gifting, and more 

The Facebook Messenger app is 10 years old and on this occasion, the company has added some new features and updates in Messenger.

Messenger celebrates its 10th Birthday with new features and the plan to become the “connective tissue” for real-time experiences

On this occasion, birthday versions of various existing features of Messenger have been introduced such as birthday sound waves, AR effects, stickers, chat themes and other effects.

Facebook Messenger users will now be able to send cash to their friends as a birthday gift with the help of Facebook Pay and a few animations have been added to the payment service.

A new type of mini-game 'Pool Games' has also been made a part of chats in the messenger app.

This feature allows you to have lightweight polls in group chats with friends.

Now Facebook is integrating Messenger with its other services, Instagram Direct Messages has been integrated with Messenger and soon, it will be done with WhatsApp as well.

Upcoming New Feature

All the new Birthday Effects, Pool Games and Birthday Gates have been introduced while the company will soon introduce a feature called Word Effects.

This feature allows users to associate an emoji with a specific word or phrase. These updates also show how much the Messenger app has changed for a decade.

According to the company, this process is progressing slowly due to the abundance of features in the app.

The Company said we need to redesign all features to be part of an end-to-end encrypted environment.