Instagram replacing swipe-up feature with link stickers

Instagram replacing swipe-up feature with link stickers

Instagram retiring swipe-up feature replacing with link stickers

Instagram replacing 'swipe-up' feature with 'link stickers'

This feature allows users to visit the website with the link in the story, but from August 30, Instagram replacing the 'swipe up' feature with 'link stickers'.

Instagram has confirmed that link stickers will now be used to take to websites. According to the company, link swipe-up is retiring to improve the stores' experience and give consumers more creative control.

The company began testing link stickers in June, and Vishal Shah, then a former product head at Instagram, said the test would also look at how people post links while spam and misleading. What content links will be monitored.

He said that stickers are the preferred method of people in this platform and therefore links are being made a part of the overall system, which will make it simpler.

The main difference between the two features is that users can also react to link stickers which are not possible on swipe up stores.

According to Instagram, users who are currently using Swipe Up will also be able to use the sticker option, but it will continue to be tested to introduce all users.

According to the company, this update will help us make the right decision about accessing this feature to more people.