Space Jam 2: Xbox Presents Matching Controllers For New Game

Space Jam 2: Xbox Presents Matching Controllers for new game
(Image: Microsoft)

The classic film “Space Jam” from 1996 is getting a long-awaited sequel and a video game is already in the works. What's more fun than playing fun video games? Correct! Playing them with the right controllers and Microsoft scored points.

With the simple name "Space Jam: A New Legacy - The Game", Microsoft and Warner Bros. have chosen a retro-inspired 2D beat 'em up game that is deliberately reminiscent of arcade games from the 90s. The game is developed by Digital Eclipse, which in the past brought out the “Mega Man Legacy Collection” and remasters of classic Disney games.

In addition, three new Xbox controllers will be available to fans from July 8, 2021, all of which are based on the upcoming film “Space Jam 2”. The middle one is modeled on the Tune Squad (also known as "Looney Tunes"). The left one is modeled after the Goon Squad and the last one is based on the Server Verse, a digital realm that consists of all of Warner Bros. movies, cartoons, and television series.

Space Jam: A New Legacy gets its own Xbox game that launches directly in Game Pass

A New Legacy gets its own Xbox game
(Bugs Bunny and Co. are haunted by the Xbox.)

The video game of the same name for the movie sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy is coming exclusively to Xbox. However, it is not a basketball simulation.

A few months ago, Microsoft called on fans to send in ideas for a video game implementation of the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy. The best concept has now been developed into a fully-fledged game and will be available exclusively for Game Pass next week.

This is Space Jam: A New Legacy - The Game

As we can see from a post on Xbox Wire, the title is simply called Space Jam: A New Legacy - The Game. Anyone expecting a basketball game à la NBA Jam will be disappointed. Instead, we get a retro brawler. The genre got a bit of a boost in recent years, with reboots from Battle Toads and Streets of Rage.

Retro brawlers instead of sports games: As a team consisting of Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, and LeBron James, you have to defend yourself against all kinds of digital enemies on the Warner Bros. servers and put the villain Al G. Rhythm down.

When will Space Jam: A New Legacy be released? The release of Space Jam: A New Legacy - The Game is a little complex. First of all, every Game Pass Ultimate subscriber will have access to the game starting July 1, as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks. These are small bonuses that Microsoft throws in from time to time.

From July 15th, all Xbox players will be able to lend a hand. And for free, because Space Jam: A New Legacy - The Game is free2play. The movie will be released one day later, on July 16.

New Space Jam controllers

Together with the game, Microsoft is releasing three new controllers for the Xbox Series X / S: a controller for the "Toon Squad" in blue and orange, a controller for the "Goon Squad" in black and purple, and a controller for the "Serve reverse", probably the should look like the inside of a server. The controllers cost $ 70 and you can of course use them on the Xbox One and the PC.