Frostpunk for PC is free at Epic Games Store and Frostpunk for mobile phone

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Frostpunk can be redeemed for free at the Epic Games Store until June 10, 12:00 (GMT)

Frostpunk can be redeemed and downloaded for free from the Epic Games Store by all users for a limited time. After giving away Among Us for free, the store is offering the post-apocalyptic city-building and survival game developed by 11 Bit Studios. It is possible to pick up the game until June 10.

Like other games offered for free by Epic Games, Frostpunk will remain in the user's account forever after being redeemed, as if it had been purchased. To play, simply download the game via the Epic Games Store app.

Originally released in 2018, Frostpunk is a game that mixes city building mechanics with a survival simulator. The mission is to create the last habitable city in a frozen post-apocalyptic world and ensure the community survives at all costs.

The game still focuses a lot on the narrative. During the campaign, the weather will become increasingly unbearable, and the player will have to make moral and ethical decisions to protect all the inhabitants, such as putting children to work or killing very sick people.

In addition to fighting the deadly cold, you will have to deal with people's moods. City inhabitants will be directly affected by the player's choices. For example, putting sawdust in food to increase yields will diminish community hope and cause disease.

Frostpunk Mobile Phone will be released in 2021

In addition to the PC version at the Epic Games Store, Frostpunk is also available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. Also in 2021, developer 11 Bit Studios plans to release an Android Mobile phone and iPhone (iOS) edition of the game in partnership with NetEase Games.

According to the producer, Frostpunk Mobile will have mechanics similar to the PC version, but with some more features, such as an adventure mode with roguelike elements, laws, guild systems and stations to guard rare animals.

Still no exact release date, Frostpunk Mobile will be available in alpha testing sometime until the end of 2021.