Ubisoft Focus on Free To Play Games

French video game developer and publisher Ubisoft is the company behind many popular series. Ubisoft finance and financial manager Frederick Duguet made important statements about the future of Ubisoft. When will Ubisoft release games that will be completely free to play? Here are the details!

Ubisoft Focus on Free To Play Games

Ubisoft's New Strategy Will Be Focusing On Top-Quality Free-to-Play Games

Ubisoft, a French-based game developer with active studios in 28 countries around the world, publishes many popular series such as Far Cry and Assassins Creed. The company's finance and financial manager states that Ubisoft has increased its focus on free-to-play games.

He Stated "The fact that we release 3-4 premium AAA games each year does not accurately reflect the value creation dynamics of Ubisoft," said Frederick Duguet, head of finance and finance at Ubisoft.

Of course, Ubisoft will continue to release 3-4 premium AAA games each year. However, besides these games, many free-to-play games are also planning to be implemented.

The company considers the potential of free-to-play games to be enormous. Stating that these views are not a financial decision, Frederick Duguet underlined that the company has no intention of raising money with low-budget games. He also stated that high-quality games are being worked on.

  • Ubisoft is working to release games that will be free to play for all major series they have, as soon as possible.
  • Free-to-play The Division: Heartland was recently announced for consoles and PC. The new game set in The Division universe will debut in 2021 or 2022.

Ubisoft to Put More Weight on Free-to-Play Games

With the Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy series, Ubisoft has announced that it aims to gradually reduce its focus on segment games and focus on free games instead.

Ubisoft also shared the new roadmap in its earnings report for the 2020 fiscal year announced on Tuesday. The French publisher stated that they will focus less on AAA games in the upcoming period, and instead aim to switch to a strategy that focuses on free games.

During the meeting with investors, Ubisoft's finance manager, Frederick Duguet, said, “In line with the increasingly diverse evolution of our high-quality product range, publishing 3-4 premium AAA games a year is no longer in line with our value creation dynamics. For this reason, we plan to release new versions for free to play in the premium AAA segment ”.

"We think we have a great opportunity to significantly expand the audience of our biggest series," Duguet said, signaling that they could launch new free games based on popular series such as Assassin's Creed and Tom Clancy's in the coming years.

The free Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland game, which was announced recently, seems to be the first fruit of this strategy. The FPS game, aimed at a gamer similar to Warzone or Apex Legends, will debut in 2021/2022 for console, cloud, and PC.

Ubisoft also withdrew its multiplayer strategy production Skull and Bones. The news is that the game, which will be released after April 2022, maybe completely free.