New Pubg mobile game update 2021 | About Weapons and Maps

Many fans of the most exciting war game in the world are waiting for "PUBG", for its new updates from time to time. The company, which owns and develops it, has launched the update of the new Pubg mobile game, which millions of players are waiting.

New Pubg mobile game update
New Pubg mobile game update | All you need to know about weapons and maps

New Pubg mobile game update

And the new Pubg mobile game update, also known as "PUBG Mobile 1.4" began downloading from today, until May 16th and is available to all players who are enthusiastic about the new changes that will arrive in the game.

The game developers released the new Pubg mobile game update today, revealing the various features, including bonuses, maps, weapons, and battlefields, according to Sports Keda.

The new Pubg mobile game update includes players getting 2888 BP, 100 AG, and a helmet, as well as new modes such as "Titan Strikes", with the Titans arriving at the Erangel map today, the Sanhok map on May 15, and the Livik map on May 20.

New Pubg mobile game update on June 8th

Titan Attack

When the Titans pass through the colony of monsters, their instincts take hold, and the monsters will have no mercy underground at their feet, and Titans or Titans are not usually hostile to players.

Titan gifts for players in the new Pubg mobile game update

The giants gradually absorb the energy emitted from the earth in the new update of the Pubg mobile game, and as soon as the energy reaches a certain stage, the titans release it and create crystals around them.

Types of crystals according to each map

  • Arrange Titan Crystal: A special throwable item that eliminates and burns enemies.
  • Sanhok Titan Crystal: A special crystal that enhances a player's abilities, such as running speed and jumping height.
  • Livik Titan Crystal: An item that can be used to briefly detect enemies in the vicinity.

Apex camps

Apex Expeditionary Army camps have a wealth of supplies in the new Pubg mobile game update, players can enter and collect these supplies after Titan destroys the camp.

Monster settlements

Underground monsters are attracted to the surface by the energy radiated by Titans, defeating these monsters may lead to useful resources and rewards.

Livik Map

Titans in Livik Map have unique electromagnetic abilities that affect the blue zone and cause it to shift from time to time, as the electromagnetic energy forms a special scanning circuit that the player can enter to collect Titan crystals, however, doing so will also reveal their locations to other players.

Titan Last Stand (May 25 - June 8)

In the new Pubg mobile game update, players will find a helicopter, press Enter Helicopter and start playing Titan Last Stand, as the points earned during the event can be used to redeem event rewards.

The Coupe RB

And in the new Pubg mobile game update, the new two-seat sports car, the Coupe RB, is one of the fastest cars available in the Battle Royale mode, it can reach speeds of more than 150 km / h, so beware of the Coupe RB in the Erangel maps And Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik.

Improved M249 rifle

The appearance of the M249 has also been updated, and its statistics have been modified, and the rate of fire and damage on the M249 has been slightly reduced, as its recoil has been increased, and the tank capacity has been reduced from 100 to 75.

Stock attachments have also been added that can be outfitted to increase the M249's speed and reload capacity.

Pistol scale adjustments

Increased R1895 damage and rate of fire greatly increased, R45 and P1911 damage increased, and Desert Eagle's firing rate slightly increased.