How to create live voice chats from Twitter?

How to create live voice chats from Twitter?

Twitter Spaces is reaching more people! Everyone can join a Space and many others can be Hosts

The social network Twitter has surprised its users with a new option within the menu of its services. Now the platform has the Spaces function, which allows anyone with an account with more than 600 followers to create a live audio chat.

It is a participatory sound space in which users can talk in real-time about different topics. The creator will have the power, as host, to give the follower to those who request it and the link to space will not have any restrictions.

Technology experts describe Twitter's ‘Spaces’ function as an innovation of the social network; However, they find it similar to the interaction dynamics offered by the ClubHouse platform, which allows conversations and debates in real-time with listeners from different latitudes.

As reported by Twitter, Spaces will make possible connections between prominent tweeters and their followers, thus allowing closeness with content creators and the accounts that follow them.

“It will be possible to connect the user with their favorite musician, be behind the scenes of a game or a summary of the breaking news. It delves into the topics and conversations that interest you with the people you know and those you want to meet, "he explained.

How does it work

Twitter users, both on iOS and Android, will see at the top of their timeline, which they enter as soon as they open the application, a purple bubble that indicates that an account is still doing live content.

The user will have the option to link to space as a listener and will be able to react to what they hear with temporary emojis. Additionally, you will be able to see the tweets made by members of the room and you will be able to follow the conversation through subtitles, an option that facilitates the connection of people with hearing problems.

If you are interested in participating, you can ask the host to speak, who will decide whether to allow his microphone to be activated or not. They will have the option to remove a person from the conversation, report them or block them if necessary.

The creators of the Space will have the option of sending a direct message to their followers, inviting them to the conversation. These, once linked as listeners, will also have the option to replicate the call and invite more friends.

The Twitter team says “We are working on something you will love”

Although it is still in the testing phase, it will be released very soon.