Chupke Chupke | How Much Does An Actor Earn Per Episode?

Launched in Ramadan, the new comedy-drama serial Chupke Chupke has become everyone's favorite drama these days and is being discussed all over social media. Earlier, the same type of comedy-drama serial Suno Chanda had entertained the viewers and also set new rating records.

Chupke Chupke|How Much Does An Actor Earn Per Episode?

But now "Chupke Chupke" is becoming the center of attention of the audience, which is produced by well-known actor and director Yasir Nawaz. Danish Nawaz is an excellent actor as well as an experienced director whose plays are often super hits.

The cast of the drama serial Chupke Chupke, directed by Yasir Nawaz's younger brother Danish Nawaz, includes some of the biggest showbiz artists as well as some actors who made their debuts in dramas.

Today we will find out about the salaries of the actors working in the drama serial Chupke Chupke which they are earning by acting in this drama.

1: Ayeza Khan

The showbiz industry's most popular actress Ayeza Khan has acted in many super hit drama serials. Her most successful drama “Mere Pass Tum Ho” was very popular all over the world including Pakistan. Talented actress Ayeza Khan is playing the role of ‘Menu’ in the drama Chupke Chupke. She is being given Rs. 180,000 per episode.

2: Usman Khalid Butt

Famous Pakistani actor Usman Khalid Butt is considered to be the best actor not only in dramas but also in Pakistani films. Because of their good looks, many directors like to give them main roles. Usman Khalid, who plays Faizi, is receiving around Rs. 113,000 per episode.

3: Mira Sethi

Actress Mira Sethi does not need any introduction and it is well known that she is the daughter of renowned journalist Najam Sethi. Mira Sethi's drama is secretly receiving about Rs 70,000 for airing per episode.

4: Ayman Saleem

This is the first drama serial of actress Ayman Saleem who has attracted the attention of the fans in a short time in which she is performing her best acting duties. Ayman Saleem is the daughter of well-known former Pakistani cricketer Saleem Yousaf, which very few people will know. Ayman Saleem charges Rs 25,000 per episode of the drama Chupke Chupke.

5: Arsalan Naseer

This is the first drama serial of renowned Pakistani YouTuber Arsalan Naseer. Well-known YouTuber Arsalan Naseer is running a channel on YouTube under the name Comics by Arsalan. Arsalan Naseer, who is playing the role of Hadi, is getting compensation of around Rs 20,000 per episode.