Mortal Kombat: Josh Lawson (KANO) confirmed many of his reactions

Actor Josh Lawson (KONO) recently revealed that he has drawn many lines in the film. Simon Mcquoid says the purpose of this Mortal Kombat is to capture the biggest fighting scenes ever. Fans are also waiting for the famous "Killings", which include the embarrassing elimination of an opponent. But, in addition to all this, some critics reminded that Mortal Kombat was a comedy film, full of dialogue.

Mortal Kombat: Josh Lawson (KANO)

Now available to fans on HBO Max, the Mortal Kombat is the hottest item in the cinema right now.

Josh Lawson, a 39-year-old Australian actor best known for his role as Dialogue in the Showtime House of Lies series, is playing the role of Kano in his Oscar-nominated film Short of the Eleven O'Callaghan. Kono is best known for his long-running feud with Black Dragon Cartel leader and Sonia Blade, played by Jessica Mack. In addition to Kano and Sonia Blade, Mortal Kombat Reboot features almost every character from the original 1992 game, with Johnny Cage teased at the end of the film. Other characters include Sub Zero (Joe Taslim), Ryden (Tadanobu Asano), Liu Kang (Lady Lin), and Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada).

Cinema Blend was able to speak with Josh Lawson, who, in addition to revealing some of his character's sharp lines, also admitted that Simon Mcquoid had offered a dialogue that did not begin with a script.


No, that was not the case. Simon Mcquoid let me off the script for a bit of fun and I'm not sure the two were the same. It would be great to go through there. I had a lot of fun and managed to throw the horses. Indeed. There was a script and then there was a lot of scripted stuff, but yeah, I had a little fun.

Lawson described his character as "crazy" who "keeps his mouth shut all the time." Video game fans have been told that Kano is seen as a bad guy in video games.