Pakistan's 10 highest paid jobs

Pakistan's 10 highest paid jobs

The right choice of profession has a great impact on a person's life.

In this case, the person can receive the right compensation in return for this profession.

Today we will tell you about the highest paid professions in Pakistan which you can choose according to your mood and also choose your permanent.


1: Software Engineer

Today is the age of computer and its use is increasing in every field.

They are paid for their services and software companies also hire such engineers on a monthly basis.

At the same time, they can do freelancing work and earn from fifty thousand to four and a half million per month.


2: Petroleum Engineer

The salaries of this field of engineering are higher than that of mechanical and electrical engineers due to the fact that their fieldwork is very high and they are affiliated with big capitalist companies. Their monthly income can be from thirty thousand to four and a half million.

3: Dentist

These doctors earn more than the average doctor. They can earn a good income by running their own private clinic as well as a job.

In addition, in different hospitals, their salary is somewhat higher than other doctors.


4: IT Manager

The IT manager has a very key role to play in any organization where computers are used. He is responsible for all computer related matters and their hardware and software. His salary can range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 500,000.


5: Chartered Accountant

It is responsible for the financial affairs of any organization and its strategy and audit. It can work by being affiliated with a single organization or by creating its own company as a freelancer.

Their monthly income can be between one and a half lakh to seven lakh depending on their experience.

Their salaries depend on whether they are operating domestic flights or are responsible for overseas flights. Domestic flight owners - Pilots' salaries are relatively low. Their salaries range from 180,000 to 8,000. May be between one lakh per month.


7: Surgeon

Doctors who specialize in surgery in a field are called surgeons - their income is based on their fields.

The surgeon's income is higher than that of other surgeons and his monthly income can be between two lakh and one million.


8: News anchor

News anchors in the media sector also receive huge salaries from channel owners based on their popularity and fan following - their salaries depend on their program rating.

9: Executive Manager

The responsibilities of this sector include sales, HR affairs, production, etc. of the company and their salaries are similarly higher depending on their responsibilities - their monthly income is between one lakh to one million.


10: CEO

This is the biggest boost of any organization. It is responsible for all the affairs of the organization.

In addition to their salary, they are given a luxury car, furnished house and other facilities and their salary can be between Rs 500,000 and Rs 20 million.