What questions did people ask Google in 2020?

What questions did people ask Google in 2020?

Internet Search Engine Google has released a Video Containing the most asked questions around the world at the end of 2020.

During the lockdown and uncertainty caused by the global Coronavirus epidemic, people asked Google a lot of questions.

According to Google, in uncertain situations, people search for the meaning of things and try to understand them.

This year, people around the world used the word 'why' more than ever and asked Google for some things.

The search engine released the video, which includes some of the most frequently asked questions this year.

This year, the most asked question from Google is why is it called (Corona Virus) Covid-19?

It is believed that on February 11, the World Health Organization named the disease caused by Corona virus as code-19, a combination of 3 words.


  • “Co” means Corona
  • “Vi” means Virus
  • “D” means the disease 

People also asked Google why Mars is red and the moon is pink. In April this year, the biggest 'Super Moon' of the year was seen, which was also named 'Pink Moon'.

The question was also asked why the parasite (film) is so good? While people also tried to find out why the NBA (National Basketball Association) league was postponed?

In fact, due to the Corona virus, the ** NBA League ** was postponed due to health reasons.

Some people asked why I am so tired, why schools are closed.

It should be noted that the global epidemic has disrupted the education system around the world and has led to the prolonged closure of educational institutions and the replacement of online classes.

Some people have asked Google why toilet paper has run out. When the Corona lockdown caused people to start hoarding, there was a sudden shortage of toilet paper in Europe and the United States.

The Google video states that some of the questions asked this year made us cry.

Some people ask why Australia is burning.

By the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, more than 115,000 square kilometres (44,000 square miles) of forest and drought-affected land across Australia had caught fire, killing 30 people and injuring thousands. Houses were destroyed.

People also asked why there are so many fires. In fact, last year there were hundreds of new wildfires in the vast Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil, and this year Australia's forests were devastated.

People also asked other questions, such as why are people protesting? Why are black lives important?

Remember that this year, a video of a police officer went viral and could be seen kneeling on the neck of a black citizen, George Floyd.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man in Minnesota, begged a white police officer for his life, but the police officer sat on his neck for nine minutes, eventually killing him.

This was followed by a series of protests around the world, including in the United States, and the 'Black Lives Meter' movement.

International aid has arrived in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, following an explosion in August this year. Firefighters from around the world have arrived to put out the blaze in the US state of California. Meanwhile, about 100 vaccines for the Corona virus were being developed worldwide.