Does Yasir Husain Live With The Ghosts?

Does Yasir Husain Live With The Ghosts

During a recent conversation with local media, Yasir Hussain shared his experience of living with ghosts.

We don't know what you think about it. But we all know that actor and host Yasir Hussain has never lived with ghosts in his life.

Yasir said such extraordinary horrible events have happened in my life but I have never felt fear from these events.

He said "When I was living in a two-bedroom apartment, one bedroom was used by me and the other by a supernaturally weak person.

Actor Yasir Husain Said "I don't know who they were, but they never bothered me. After the Fajr Azaan in the morning, they would come to the lounge and offer the Fajr prayer. And when my friends started coming, they would get up and go to the kitchen and start using the pots, and when I would say that my friends were gone, the pots would stop coming. 

Yasir said “Was never scared of them, but my friends were definitely scared”

During the conversation, Yasir shared another experience in this regard and described the incident that took place during the shooting of the drama 'Parichay' which was aired on a private TV channel.

Yasir said that when he was at a house in PECHS area of Karachi for the shooting of the scary drama 'Parichay' one day the shooting stopped suddenly and things started moving automatically from one place to another.

Then one day the owner of the house came and asked the staff to take care of their child during the shooting. When asked about the staff's child, the woman said he lives indoors

Yasir said we later found out that someone had committed suicide in the house, after which the woman rented the house and left,

He said such extraordinary events have happened in my life, but I have never felt intimidated by them.