Coronavirus and the ignorance of Private University

Coronavirus and the ignorance of Private University

Coronavirus and the ignorance of Private University in Islamabad

On Tuesday, 17th of November, Bahria University Islamabad Campus conducted their mid-term examination. All students were told that strict SOPs will be followed and that they care about the health of students. But in reality, severe violation of SOPs was observed. No proper checking was being carried out to ensure whether a student was suffering from COVID-19 or not. Instead, they were letting each and every student into the examination halls irrespective of the fact that they had coronavirus or not.

This kind of ignorance poses a huge threat to the lives of students and their families. This virus spreads rapidly and can be fatal. All of this situation is so ironic that they, themselves denied all the requests of the students for online examination and instead, insisted on conducting the examination on-campus, stating that, “BU Cares”.

Many students of BUIC are experiencing the symptoms of this virus and today, a student who was present in the examination got tested positive for coronavirus. She was coughing and was experiencing severe symptoms of COVID-19. Despite that, university management did nothing about it.

Coronavirus and the ignorance of Private University

Outside the exam halls, the situation was even worse. The students weren’t maintaining any kind of social distancing and some were even without masks. University management didn’t do anything to ensure the safety of students and the SOPs were not properly enforced.

The worried students of BUIC had already protested against on campus exams and had informed the university regarding all their concerns about this virus. All their demands were valid and they included but are not limited to.

  • Problems regarding students staying in hostels.
  • Concerns regarding the spread of virus.
  • If the mode of education is online, exams should also be held online.

Despite countless efforts of the student body to enlighten the university management about all these issues, the university turned a deaf ear towards the voice of students.

The university even forced the students to sign a form which stated that, “The university management won’t be responsible in case anything happens to students”. After this ignorance, it’s quite evident that the virus might’ve spread to many students on this single day and it’s clear that the university management just wants to throw the blame for all of their mismanagement onto the students and keep.

their own hands clean. Calling the students for on-campus exams after this level of ignorance is just like calling them to commit a voluntary suicide.